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Property settlement with guest Family Lawyer Daniel Dalli

July 12, 2018

Dads Online talks with guest Daniel Dalli from RB Flinders Lawyers about Property Settlement. Discussing many aspects of property settlements including what if you decide to do nothing? How important is it to formalise property divison? plus more...

Daniel Dalli
RB Flinders Lawyers
M. 0423 729 686

Dads, I hope you found this podcast informative, remember if you need help with anything to do with family law, Daniel Dalli’s contact details are listed above and if you are going through separation and divorce and feeling overwhelmed with sadness or grief or simply are looking for someone to talk about how you’re feeling, there are organisations that can help. Give MensLine a call on 1300 789978 or Lifeline on 131114. you dont have to go through this alone. best wishes and dont forget to subscribe to our podcast.